SoftScan v3.0 – New Customers

Fast, Accurate &
Reliable Data


Extract data from shop drawings to a Bill of Materials (BOM) or Management Information Software (MIS). SoftScan can provide this consistently in an easy to use tool.


SoftScan – Accurate and Efficient

Softscan will scan hundreds of shop drawings in seconds and create files for direct import into FabTrol, FabSuite, StruMis, EJE, Romac, Steel 2000 and even Microsoft Excel. What used to take you hours or even days can now be completed in minutes with outstanding accuracy. Needless to say, Softscan will pay for itself in the first couple of projects you use it on.

Works with any DWG, DXF, or 3D-CAD/SmartKad drawing file, from any source.

Softscan will eliminate the tedious and time consuming task of constantly updating your bill of material information and manually typing it into you MIS software. It also recognizes and reports common mistakes that detailers make in the BOM. Besides it’s very easy to use, and our support department will get you set up and scanning in minutes…. If you haven’t invested in MIS software, Softscan creates a suite of must have reports based on your BOM, including a BOM list with all weights extended and totaled, cutting list for the saw, mill order report with and without marks, nesting report for warehouse ordering, piece or connection material reports and summaries, and shop and field placement lists and summaries.



Price List: SoftScan V 3.0 (Includes One Year of Free Technical Support)

Special offer!
SoftScan costs are only US$1,395.00 for the 1st license and US$1,195.00 for each additional license.


Hello from Soft Steel Inc.

Today we are reaching out to our costumers who are working on previous versions of SoftScan to encourage them to upgrade to our latest version. You will see a clear performance improvement with the latest version and will have access to the following features:

  1. Autocad independence, SoftScan v 3.0 scans a DWG or DXF file directly without Autocad. Saves the expense of having an Autocad license.
  2. Improved, faster scanning engine.
  3. New EJE format now supported.
  4. New Kiss importer. You can import from a Kiss file and export to any other supported format, including our comprehensive reports.
  5. AISC database updated to the latest 14th edition of the AISC manual.
  6. New importer to scan INI files. INI files commonly found in the metal building industry.
  7. SoftScan v 3.0 supports all autocad DWG file versions up through the latest 2016.. Softscan V1 or V2 only support autocad DWG file version up through 2012.
  8. Hundred of smaller enhancements and bug fixes.

The latest version also comes with a full year of support to ensure that you will take complete advantage from our latest features.

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SoftScan Intro

Font Mappings Demo

How to add a BOM header

Scanning Newer AutoCAD Drawings

Bill of Material Scanner
Hot Product Award

SoftScan is a generic Bill of Material scanner designed to read from various CAD systems that generates reports for fabrication and produces various output formats for production management. It’s a fully customizable scanner capable of understanding almost every different kind of bill of material.

SoftScan is a robust, stand-alone software system that reads any DWG, DXF or 3D-Cad/SmartCad file directly, and creates a file that can be imported into:

Steel 2000
Structural Software
And Microsoft Excel

By simply selecting your drawings and clicking the scan button, the rest is automatic, and no 3rd party CAD system or software is required. SoftScan also produces a variety of reports based on the BOM including a Mill Order Report, Cutting List, Material Summary Report, Bolt Summary and Nesting Report.

The tedious task of typing Bills of Material into these software packages is now a thing of the past.

It’s simple user interface will have you scanning in minutes, and help you download hundreds of detailing sheets with a simple mouse click.

New Features

  • Title-less Scanning
  • Save and Load your projects
  • Kiss File Version 1.1
  • Choose reports on the fly
  • Customizable Reports Format
  • New and friendlier user interface
  • New Type Code with no description required
  • Faster scanning engine


  • Steel2000
  • KISS Files
  • Structural Software
  • Microsoft Excel
  • EJE
  • Romac


  • 3D Cad / SmartKad
  • DWG / DXF


  • Bill of Material
  • Connection Material List
  • Connection Material Order List
  • Connection Material Reference
  • Main Material Cutting List
  • Main Material Nesting
  • Main Material Order List
  • Main Material Order List with Marks
  • Fiel Bolt Summary
  • Field Bolt Placement

Special Fields

  • Revisions
  • Sequences
  • Pay Code
  • Finishes


  • Works with any DWG, DXF, or 3d-cad/SmartKad drawing file, from any source.
  • Reads drawing files directly.
  • Autocad or any software is NOT required if the Drawings are saved in 2002 format. (For newer drawings you require to have the same version of Autocad that the drawings were made on)
  • Your detailer does his cad work as he normally would.
  • No special requirements or software while creating the drawings.
  • Can scan as many drawings as you wish (or select) with one click of the mouse.
  • Save the export file to your hard drive, floppy drive, or email directly from SoftScan.
  • Automatically locates and reads the BOM.
  • Completely User Definable fields and Bill of Material objects.
  • Once defined in the settings, Softscan will read it.
  • Fast, and simple to use. Just click SCAN!
  • Imperial or Metric, input and or output BOM fields can be in any order
  • Sequences scanned and exported with member Mill Mark (page-line) scanned and exported.
  • Revision number scanned and exported.
  • Works in most Windows platforms, on most PCs or Workstations (SoftScan is not designed to work on Servers or Networks).

User Configurable

  • Define input and output options
  • Define any field with any possible heading
  • Define, add, or delete any kind of main
    member (W, TS, C, WT, etc).
  • Define, add, or delete any kind
    of attachment (PL, BAR, L, etc).
  • Define, add, or delete any kind of bolt
  • Define, add, or delete any grade.
  • You can define general default grades,
    and a default grade for each main member
    type and attachment type,any font and as many fonts as you want.
  • Define the character mappings for allspecial characters in the font.
  • Define one of several methods of sequencing
  • Configuration automatically saved.
  • Now select your drawings, and click SCAN!


Price List: SoftScan V 3.0 (Includes One Year of Free Technical Support)

Special offer!
SoftScan costs are only US$1,395.00 for the 1st license and US$1,195.00 for each additional license.