SoftScan saved me about 2 hours of work today, Thanks again for your detail response/instructions. It just adds impressive support to an already impressive program.
Glenn Davis

Soft Steel is HARD-CORE! It produces fast, organized and clean, details and reports with minimal effort.
Eric Myers
Practical Drafting Solutions

Soft Steel is a great program for detailing all my structural steel projects. Not only for the blueprints, but also for the many reports it generates. I have been using it for a little over a year now and could not get by without it.
Mike Shorter

I chose to buy and use “Soft Steel” for the most simple of reasons – It Works !

I have been detailing steel since 1972. I have seen the progression from pencils to pens, slide rules, calculators and most recently computers. Every advance in technology produced two things: savings in time and increased profits. When I was investigating the greatest advance yet – 3 D Modeling – I was amazed that each time I had a technical question based on detailing procedures I was always told the same thing – “great question, let me get with our R & D folks and get back to you” There was one exception however, “Soft Steel”.

It seemed that every question I had there was an answer for it. Mike Eblowitz (who has been detailing steel for longer than me) actually developed the program with detailers in mind. Because of that the program works the way you would expect it to. I have been able to triple my output and double my accuracy. I would highly recommend this program to any steel detailer who wants to increase his or her production and accuracy.
Quickdraw, Inc.

Soft Steel is a very up to date program on steel detailing. It saves a lot of time and is quite accurate. If a problem arises the technical support team is always helpful and easy to get in touch with. This program has made my job a lot easier and I could not imagine detailing without it.
Denmark Steel

I have been using Soft Steel since it’s inception, and the 3-D modeling software has made structural steel input unbelievably fast and accurate. Nothing else out there compares.
Chris Morrell